Yamamotolaw can provide various services, ranging from consultation on selection of type of entity suitable for your business, forming an entity, and continuing support of your new business.  We can provide services, not only for legal issues, but also accounting and tax support, such as setting up your new entity’s books of accounting records, and preparation of tax returns.  If desired, we can also assist you in applying for work visas for your employees.

Forming a separate business entity for your business, such as a corporation (either C corporation or S corporation) or Limited Liability Company (LLC) may be able to protect you from excess liabilities or reduce your tax liability exposure.  Yamamotolaw can assist you in determining what type of entity is the most suitable for you depending on your situation, e.g., immigration and residence status, area and size of business, number of employees, tax status, etc. If you have any questions regarding business entities, including whether you should form a separate entity for your business, we can definitely help you.

Once your business entity is established and running, we can assist you with drafting and negotiation of various business contracts, such as sales reps/agency contracts, manufacturing contracts, or employment contracts.

Yamamotlaw can also assist you with complying with various laws and regulations, including preparation of documents for corporate records and various filing requirements.

Please contact us to schedule your consultation.

Yamamotolaw can assist you in applying for various employment-based non-immigrant visas, such as E visas, L visas or H1B visas.

Your business entity's legal structure and ownership will affect availability of visas, therefore, it is strongly recommended that you consult an attorney for visas prior to establishing a business entity.

Please contact us to schedule your initial consultation as soon as your need for a visa arises.

We can assist you in setting up your books of accounting records using QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks desktop versions.  If desired, we can also maintain your business entity's accounting records in substantial compliance with generally accepted accounting principles in the United States; however, please note that it is not audited or reviewed by a CPA, and this accounting-related service is limited to start-ups for a relatively short term only.

Yamamotolaw can provide tax-related consultation on various issues, such as selection of entity type from a tax perspective, or selecting tax treatment of a business entity, structuring multi-layer business enterprise for tax purposes, performing stock option/grant/purchase simulations to study impact on your tax situations, e.g., AMT taxable income, or tax planning of your investments.

In addition, we can prepare and e-file your tax returns, from individual income tax returns to estate tax returns, gift tax returns, partnership returns or corporate income tax returns.

Yamamotolaw can also represent you before the IRS or state tax authorities in their examination of your tax returns.